We invite you to participate in the III International Economic Forum “Business support: Critical Points, Science-based solutions”, which will be held in the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Riga, Latvia, on October 31 – November 1, 2019.

The aim of the Forum is to promote the development of the business environment, by drawing more attention to the study of the obstacles hindering the development of entrepreneurship and providing science-based recommendations for the improvement of the state and local government support system. To continue the successful practice of the I and II Economic Forum, the Forum serves as a platform for the exchange of experience and cooperation of scientists, entrepreneurs and politicians, stimulating the entry of local and foreign investment and the development of an innovative national economy in the long term.

You have an opportunity to be a speaker during a parallel session, taking part on November 1. There are 3 sessions on following topics:

  1. Financial market for businesses: support or barriers?
    • The future of banking;
    • European regulatory policy: effect on businesses;
    • Financial support for Start-ups and SMEs;
    • FinTech solutions – what businesses need to know?
    • Social Responsibility of Banks: Trend or Obligation?
  2. The investment environment of business development: the key issues faced by foreign investors
    • Providing an attractive investment environment: the international experiences of
    • advanced industrialized and emerging economies;
    • The decision-making by foreign investors;
    • Trends in FDI flows dynamics and distribution;
    • The key issues and risks faced by foreign investors;
    • The main factors and new opportunities enhancing FDI inflow.
  3. Digital solutions as efficient tool for faster development of business environment
    • Compliance of the established Network with today’s requirements (in the country as a whole and regions) compared to Estonia and Lithuania;
    • Objective factors limiting the use of digital environment in business (financial problems for SMEs, network availability, lack of specialists with appropriate knowledge and skills).
    • What needs to be solved by public authorities, by business and by employees themselves to improve business environment?
    • Directions of general education system development during the digitalization;
    • Lifelong learning tasks in the conditions of digitalization of the economic environment

If you wish to take an active part in the work of the session as a speaker and if you have scientific, practical or socially significant developments on the topic of a session of the III International Economic Forum, we invite you to submit an abstract.

Please, note that there is no registration fee for speakers, but all expenditures regarding travel and accommodation should be covered by speaker itself.